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Race interruptions swissultra 2017: IUTA decision



We would like to inform you about the racing interruptions and their influence on the overall time of the swissultra competitions 2017. This information concerns the two DECA competitions (DECA Continuous and DECA one per day).


On 18 and 24 August, the race directors decided to interrupt the competitions for safety reasons. The interruption was due to heavy thunderstorms with lightning strikes and heavy rainfall. Unfortunately, race interruptions are not a part of the IUTA regulations. So the swissultra race directors have decided to stop the clock, and recommended the IUTA to consider the interruptions as a neutral time. Safety is our top priority and we want to take on our responsibility towards the athletes without any disadvantages. In 2016, we also decided to interrupt the swissultra races because of thunderstorms during the swimming, and the IUTA has accepted our times. For 2017, the race interruptions are now considered as part of the competition, and the duration of the interruptions is part of the competition time.


IUTA officially notified us of its decision on 15 September 2017. The swissultra organizing committee accepts the IUTA decision. We would like to apologize to the athletes for their confusion and any inconvenience.



18.8.17, 8:05.45 pm; restart: 11:30:00 pm in hunting start mode (total time of interruption: 3h 24min 15s); bike split DECA Continuous

24.8.17, 5:31.06 pm; restart: 7:30 pm in hunting start mode (total time of interruption: 1h 58m 54s); run split DECA Day & Continuous


DECA Continuous: two race breaks with a total time of + 5h 23min 9s

Results swissultra

Corrected Times of the IUTA


DECA one per day: a race break on the 4th day, + 1h 58min 54s

Results swissultra

Corrected times of the IUTA


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Double Deca


Start list 2016

Double Deca


01 David Clamp (GBR)

03 Dipankar Paul (IND)

04 Goulwenn Tristant (FRA)

05 Walter Wegschaider (AUT)

07 Carsten Sacher (GER)

08 Daniel Meier (SUI)

10 Alexandra Meixner (AUT)

11 Sarka Kolbova (CZE)



06 Bernhard Nuss 

21 Jozsef Rokob (HUN)

22 Rait Ratasepp (EST)

23 Mark Hohe-Dorst (GER)

24 Stefan Chares (GER)

25 Alois Ruhland (GER)

26 Andrei Rosu (ROM)

28 Robert Lurz (AUT)

31 René Schiegg (SUI)

32 Richard Widmer (GER)

41 Shangrila Rendon (PHL)

42 Heide Lindemann (GER)