Frequently asked questions

We do our best to organize a great race and as much service for the athletes as possible! Here you find an overview of frequently asked questions. If other questions occur, please do not hesitate to write an e-mail to oder visit us on Facebook.


How do I get from Zurich airport to Buchs? Do you provide a shuttle service?

There is very good public transportation available from the airport of Zurich (ZRH) to Buchs SG. We can also recommend to rent a car if you have a lot of luggage; Taxis are quite expensive in Switzerland. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a shuttle service from the airport to Buchs. 


Do you provide a shuttle service from accommodation to race site and vice versa?

There will be a shuttle bus or a similar kind of transfer possibility for every athlete in the ONE PER DAY competitions and his supporters. We will pick you up in the morning and also bring you back after your finish if needed. Please inform us in advance if you want to benefit from the shuttle service.


As the CONTINUOUS athletes do not have regular rest times, we can support you with transport options according to demand and available resources. Please contact us in advance if you need assistance. 


What kind of food is included in the starter fee? 

We will provide a variety of different food and drinks for every athlete, so you don't need to cook or buy your own food. For example, we will serve different kinds of pasta or rice dishes, meat and vegetables as well as water, tea or cola. 


To give you an idea about what food is served, here some menus we served during the swissultra competitions in the past:


  • Hamburger. Rice. Carrots. Salad. 1 x apple pie.
  • Sliced chicken meat. Gnocchi. Zucchini. Salad. 1 x dessert.
  • pork meat. spaghetti. Kohlrabi. Salad. 1 x Brownies.
  • Red beef curry. Rice. Broccoli. Carrot salad. 1 x Doughnut.
  • Minced meat. Penne all’ arrabiatta. Salad. 1 x dessert.
  • Sausage. potatoe. vergetables. salad. 1 x lemon cake.
  • Chicken chest. Pasta. carrots. Salad. 1 x  Muffin.
  • Veal. Mashed potatoes. beans. Salad. 1 x dessert.
  • Meatloaf. Pasta. Mixed vegetables. Salad. 1 x Cookie.
  • Vegetable lasagna. Roast cauliflower. Salad. 1 x Carrot cake.


For supporters we offer the same food, sandwiches and coffee at a reduced price. More information will follow on a later stage. 


Are there grocery shops in walking distance?

There is a variety of shops in the city of Buchs, see site map. The race area is located outside the city, so that we recommend to take a bicycle or car. If you don't have a vehicle and need something urgently, please contact the race crew on-site. 


On which dates do pre and post race events take place?

The detailed schedule can be found here. 


Can the campervan be parked at the race site? Or can I use my tent to sleep nearby the race site?

The only confirmed possibility for camping and sleeping in tents or campers is the official campsite Werdenberg. It is not allowed to put up sleeping tents or to park cars or caravans directly at the race area. There is a parking lot nearby that can be used to park your car or caravan during the race time. Camping is not allowed at this parking lot, but it's no problem if you want to relax in your vehicle for some hours. 


If a "Continuous" participant crosses the finish line before the time limit, can he still stay on the race area?

Yes, every athlete is allowed to stay at the race area and will get food and drinks until the last day, if he wants to. Many finishers also come to see the the finishes of the other athletes and celebrate with them. 


Can I take a day off at the "one per day" race? 


Yes, that's allowed. Whoever is not on the starting line on a day and does not finish the day of the competition is no longer part of the official ranking (DNF / reduced IUTA points). However, you can stop one or more days at any time and start again the next day. Please inform the race organizers if you plan to take a break or if you finish the competition early.


Is the run course fully-lighted? Do I need to bring sufficient lighting when running?

The run course will be sufficiently lighted, so you don’t need to wear any lamp.


Do you provide bike service during the race?

Yes, our Partner Beat Sport will provide a bike service on-site or on request during the whole race. It is important to us that all athletes feel safe if any technical problems occur. If you need spare parts or a bike service, please inform a member of the organizing team. We are happy to help. 


What is the water temperature?

The water temperature is to be expected between 21 and 24°C on 7.00 am. For the night swims (Continuous races), we will heat the swimming pool as much as possible; temperatures are expected the same as in 2017 (22-24°C during the night). 


How many swimmers are expected on each lane?  

There are five lanes available. There will be a maximum of eight swimmers per lane. The number of swimmers per lane depends on the number of participants of a competition. 


Is the bike track hilly, bumpy, smooth, flat, etc? Is it open to public?

The bike track is almost flat. It’s not bumpy but smooth. It’s open to public but mainly used by cyclists and rollerbladers. Pedestrians have a separate walkway parallel to the bike track.


What is the composition of the ground during running?

Mainly asphalt (85%). A short portion is on forest soil.


Will there be a massage therapist at the race site?

Yes, we are currently establishing a massage service. More details will be communicated at the pre race briefing. 


What is the expected weather in Switzerland in August and September?

The weather could be anything, from heavy rain and 10° celsius at night to pure sunshine and 35°C during daytime. It could also be very windy sometimes, depending on the general weather situation. It’s quite unpredictable.


At what time does the sun rise and set during the period of the race?